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Savage suits YOU.

Chanek is a new modern take on sportswear bringing in the best and comfortable clothing for athletes. That has built a phenomenal reputation starting with the Mexico's Davis and Fed Cups teams.

about chanek



Chanek positions itself in the market with each and every one of our products; in a national level offering innovation, in the industrial textile, style, comfort and the most important the attention we give to our clients are unlike any other company.




Immersing ourselves in an international market with competitive prices, conserving our values and ideology; the style and sports technology.




  • Commitment: To work together with our ambassadors making them feel a part of Chanek working as a team creating new challenges and objectives 

  • Passion: Transmit through our ambassadors the emotions and energy that wearing Chanek creates for them.

  • Excellence: Maximum quality, demand the best to offer the best for our clients and our ambassadors.

  • Loyalty: Create a connection with our ambassadors so that Chanek can offer our clients a satisfactory experience.  

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